What we provide

We contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of human rights and international humanitarian law

Legal Consultations: We work to provide assistance to the civil and military organizations and individuals in the application of international humanitarian law in time of peace and war by offering our consultations in the field so as to Scientific and practical competence to be able to assume their responsibilities and exercise their competencies in a manner guaranteeing human rights.

Awareness: We contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of human rights and international humanitarian law through training courses, workshops and awareness-raising campaigns to reduce the effects of violence by establishing broad cooperation programs to promote social awareness.


Research and Studies: We also enrich the Islamic thought about ways to support authorship and conduct research and studies and translation of outstanding scientific works. In addition to our work on the publication of books and periodicals in particular.

Application: We hold applied seminars, scientific meetings, conferences and Seminars on Humanitarian Issues: so that we work to prepare a strong basis for cooperation with the concerned parties in the State to implement the laws, articles and humanitarian agreements.

  1. Develop and implement training programs in the fields of international humanitarian law for individuals and entities related to implementation thereof.
  2. Holding the applied seminars and the various scientific meetings in the field of international humanitarian law.
  3. Holding conferences and symposia on issues of international humanitarian law.
  4. Provide advisory services in the fields of international humanitarian law and application thereof.
  5. Encourage Authoring and preparation of humanitarian research and studies relevant to international humanitarian law.
  6.  To transfer the outstanding international intellectual production in the fields related to the activities of the Center to Arabic language.
  7. Classify documents related to international humanitarian law.
  8. Participation in the membership of regional, Arab and international institutes, corporations and bodies of interest in international humanitarian law.
  9. Participation in conferences, seminars and meetings on international humanitarian law inside and outside Libya.
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